Sustainably sourced.

ethically made.

soft & Supportive.

anti slip Grip.



Since Zen Bear was founded, weโ€™ve always stuck by two core values; protect our planet and provide the tools for each cub to achieve their own zen in mind, body and spirit.

Guided by our passion for looking after the Earth and creating yoga mats that have a minimal eco footprint, Zen Bear celebrate lifeโ€™s vibrancy through colours, patterns and prints.


Blossom Bear

Travel Mat

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Our Zen Bear mats are specially designed to keep your paws firmly in place as you practice. Whilst Zen Bear mats seem soft to touch, there is an invisible โ€˜anti-slip gripโ€™ applied to the suede, allowing you to firmly ground, transition, and flow safely.

Cleansing Bear

Studio Mat

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ยฃ5 donated to Foe on every mat sold

We donate ยฃ5 on every item sold to Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community close to our hearts. Friends of the Earth have been a long established worldwide environmental charity whoโ€™s efforts have made many transformational changes since the 1970s. Theyโ€™re dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world and everyone in it. Read more about what they do for the planet here.

Grounding Bear

Studio Mat

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