Zen Bear on Spotify


For some yogis, listening to music is an integral part of their yoga practice. The beauty of yoga and music is how they can make you feel, especially when experienced simultaneously.

So for those who love moving to melodies, this one's for you. We've put together two Spotify playlists, from gentle & slow to energetic and uplifting, including artists such as Bonobo, Maribou State, Mr Scruff, Tycho, RJD2 and more.



We’ve curated an eclectic blend of euphoric symphonies, harder hits and progressive beats to power up your practice.

This yoga playlist is designed to unleash your ultimate energetic power, and leave you feeling strong and powerful.



This soft and sweet playlist is perfect for a restorative practice. Use this for meditation, yin, or gentle flows.

This Spotify Yoga Playlist features lovely sweet tones and evolving riffs that will allow you to let go, journey inwards and find the peaceful zen within you.