We started as an idea; we wanted to provide the world with the most vibrant and colourful yoga mats ever seen, and we knew this needed to be done in an eco friendly, sustainable way.

Founded in Belfast, we’ve been working hard on creating a brand that you can resonate with. We channel all of our energy into providing our community with lasting mats (though recyclable and eventually biodegradable!) that will brighten up any space, and are made with love & Earth in mind.

Our sole mission is to produce mats with purpose, without compromising on style or substance.

And so, Zen Bear was manifested to proudly serve you Eco Rugs for Vibrant Cubs.


Our mats are derived entirely from natural tree rubber, using the latex that comes from the Para Rubber Tree - an ecologically sustainable crop which contributes to the maintenance of the global carbon balance in the atmosphere. The oozy latex material extracted from the trees is strained, diluted with water, treated and rolled into sheets ready for you to take home. Our mats are 100% recyclable & biodegradable (but fear not, they won’t break down in your lifetime!)-

sustainably Sourced

To promote sustainable farming, the trees are only partially wounded with an incision on the tree’s outer surface, used for a period of time, and then allowed to heal naturally. At Zen Bear we are committed to using sustainable practices to produce beautiful mats, without compromising on style or substance.

Rugs for EVERY cub

Our ethos remains that Yoga is for all humans, no matter age, gender or activity levels. Whether you’re a newbie or novice, we’re dedicated to providing the tools to enable everyone to achieve their zen in mind, body & soul.





Eco Rugs for Vibrant Cubs.